27 september
4 days remaining

The pandemic ruined the most amazing plans of so many people: vacation plans, fun activities plans and, of course, plans for sports competitions. But this is no reason to give up on having a holiday! Although we are far from each other, our hearts cannot be torn apart.

On September 27, we will run in different parts of the city, country and planet for the sake of sports, for the sake of Chisinau Marathon 2020: Apart but together!

Put on your T-shirt from the marathon or any other Sporter event. This is how we’ll be able to distinguish all our friends!

Choose any distance: 1.5 km, 5 km, 10 km, 21 km or 42 km, and on September 27, exactly at 9:00, start out your run with everyone else!

Be sure to take photos and post the race tracks on any social network. Check the @chisinaumarathon and @sportermd pages, and tag as #apartedarimpreuna so we know you're with us!

If you want to get into the after movie of the run, send us a short video from your races to event@sporter.md. Besides, our operators will be present in the parks of Chisinau.

Don’t forget to record your results (you can do this by means of the Strava service) and share it on social networks.

26 september
3 days remaining

On Saturday, 26 September 2020 within the framework of Chisinau International Marathon will be held competition for children - Kids Run Day. 

This Competition aims at children, who will compete in distances established by the organizers, depending on their age and level of training.

– The 400-meter race can be attended by persons who are 5, 6 years old before the date or on the day of the competition. 

– The 800-meter race can be attended by persons who are 7, 8 years old before the date or on the day of the competition. 

– The 1200-meter race can be attended by persons who are 9 and 10 years old before the date or on the day of the competition. 

– The 2000-meter race can be attended by persons who are 11, 12 and 13 years old before the date or on the day of the competition.

 Everybody interested in attending the competition shall visit the "Registration" page on the official website www.marathon.md

7 february
137 days remaining

On the 7th of February 2021, in the wine cellars of Milestii Mici, the Milestii Mici Wine Run 2021 will be held. This is the only race in Europe with a 10-km course at a depth of 80 meters. Both professional and amateur athletes can take part in the race. Registration for the Milestii Mici Wine Run 2021 is open now, don’t miss your chance to participate! Please mind that there is limited participation.

Winners will be awarded prizes and gifts from event partners.

To register for the race, please visit the official website https://milesti.winerun.md/

The Milestii Mici Wine Run 2020 is conducted by the sports organization Sporter and the largest bulletin board in Moldova - 999.md.

Milestii Mici Wine Run 2020. Official aftermovie

If you are curious to find out how it is possible to practice sports, drink wine, honor traditions and welcome foreign guests, watch the official Milestii Mici Wine Run 2020 aftermovie

28 February, 11:407930
The Nistru banks were united by Maratonul de Craciun

Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme, which is financed by EU and implemented by UNDP on both Nistru banks involves not just conversations, planning and strategy enforcement. It also implies a possibility for the children to participate in different events

31 January, 15:009490