RockTape became Milestii Mici Wine Run 2019 partner

RockTape became the partner of Milestii Mici Wine Run 2019, which will be held on January 20 on the territory of Milestii Mici Winery. The Milestii Mici Wine Run is the only race in Europe, the track of which lies through the underground wine cellars at about 80 m deep. The participants will have to cover a 10 km distance.

18 January, 14:12110
The supports Rubicon

On February 1 starts the third and final stage of the annual ultra-marathon relay Rubicon. In 2019, the independent portal has become media partner of this event.

17 January, 11:40150
“Milestii Mici Wine Run 2019”: Sold Out!

All starter packages for the “Milestii Mici Wine Run 2019” race have been sold out! The number of competitors will exceed 350 people both from Moldova and abroad. Registration of participants who have not paid the entry fee is considered canceled.

16 January, 14:51290
Extreme athlete ran 50 km in Oymyakon at temperature -60°C

Today, January 14, Dmitri Voloshin, president of the public sports organization Sporter, extreme athlete from Moldova, took part in a charity run in the coldest place in the world — Oymyakonsky District (Sakha Republic, Russia), where temperature can drop to -71°C. This extreme run was held as part of the “Unfrozen” project.

14 January, 13:571020
11 January, 11:3059

ЛеБрон пропустит еще как минимум три матча

ЛеБрон Джеймс /

Форвард Лейкерс ЛеБрон Джеймс пропустит как минимум неделю из-за травмы паха. Как сообщает официальный сайт клуба, игрок точно не поможет в матчах против Юты, Кливленда и Чикаго.

Вместе с тем, отмечается, что состояние ЛеБрона улучшается и медики уже позволили ему увеличивать нагрузки.

Отметим, что Джеймс уже две недели на выходит на паркет из-за растяжения паха, которое получил в рождественской встрече с Голден Стэйт.

В нынешнем сезоне Джеймс в среднем набирает по 27,3 очка, делает 8, подбора и совершает по 7,1 передачи за матч.

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