Milestii Mici Wine Run 2020. Official aftermovie

If you are curious to find out how it is possible to practice sports, drink wine, honor traditions and welcome foreign guests, watch the official Milestii Mici Wine Run 2020 aftermovie

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The Nistru banks were united by Maratonul de Craciun

Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme, which is financed by EU and implemented by UNDP on both Nistru banks involves not just conversations, planning and strategy enforcement. It also implies a possibility for the children to participate in different events

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Aqua UnIQa shall hydrate the Hell Run by Naturalis participants

Aqua UnIQa joins Hell Run by Naturalis, which will be held on October 26, at the Botanical Garden. During the 4.2 km track, Aqua UnIQa shall become a “loyal friend” by quenching the participants’ thirst, moreover, calm their fears, because as the event title suggests, this race will be very creepy.

Over 19 years, Gelibert SRL Company manufactures high quality drinks for the Moldovan market. Aqua UnIQa Iodata drinking water was launched due to lack of iodine in our country, which is a very important microelement to our health. Gelibert SRL Company has found a unique method to solve this problem: addition of natural iodine into drinking water. Aqua UnIQa drinking water is a functional beverage, which hydrates and nourishes the body with the required amount of iodine. The importance and advantages of using this product are confirmed by national and international awards. High quality product manufacturing represents a major priority for the company, and Aqua UnIQa is just an emblematic destination. 1.5 - 2 liters of Aqua UnIQa daily intake provides the body with 150 micrograms of iodine, which actually represents the adult recommended daily dose.

Hell Run by Naturalis 2019 is a non-competitive race, which is organized for the whole family. The race distance is 4.2 km. Because the event is dedicated to Halloween, many surprises await the participants on the track, which shall spook and entertain them at the same time. For more details and registration, visit the official website https://hellrun.md.

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