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The Nistru banks were united by Maratonul de Craciun

Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme, which is financed by EU and implemented by UNDP on both Nistru banks involves not just conversations, planning and strategy enforcement. It also implies a possibility for the children to participate in different events

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Elite athletes at Chisinau International Marathon 2018

The Chisinau International Marathon 2018 is an event that could not be overlooked by the athletics elite. The most advanced runners from Moldova and abroad will participate in the fourth Chisinau International Marathon, which will be a great opportunity to set new records. They have already managed to win prizes in previous years at Chisinau Marathon, as well as to set new records at various international competitions. On Sunday, September 30, they will stand first in the starting lineup and show what they are capable of. Here is the athletes’ list:

Dmitry Babenko

Birth date: 25/03/1982

Top scores:

Marathon - 2.32

Half Marathon - 1.12,

The 10 km race - 33.23


Champion of Ukraine in 2007

Winner of the Tokyo Marathon in 2002

Winner of the Boston Marathon in 2003.

Together with Sergey Popov, Dmitry won the World Sports Cup in Monaco for a race across the whole Europe (from Kiev to Lisbon and back).

Masnyk Irina

Birth date: 04/11/1983

Top scores:

Marathon - 2.48.13

Half Marathon - 1.20.27

The 10 km race - 35.45.


Winner of the Odessa Marathon 2017 with a track record

Winner of the Kiev International Marathon 2017

Winner of the Kaunas Marathon in 2018

Winner of the Eco-marathon Svitiaz in Shatsk 2018

Second place in Guttenberg Marathon, Mainz (Germany) 2018.

She is the coach of the amateur running club Shypshyna run club team Lviv.

Natalya Zbyrnya

Birth date: 11/01/1990

Records and achievements for 2017:

Second place in Semimaraton Brașov Intersport

Third place in Brașov Internațional Marathon (3:19:37)

First place in EcoRun Orheiul Vechi 2017 (3:17:06)

First place in “Purcari WineRun” (10 km for 0:47:10)

Second place in Space Semi-marathon (Korolev City, Moscow Region) (1:27:05)

Third place in the Chisinau Marathon 2017

Third place in the “HOKA grom Anapa Trail 55 km” (05:35:10)

Third place on Marathon "Muchkap-Shapkino-LUBO!" (3:00:16)

Third place in Mad Fox Ultra K70 (Rostov) - 75 km in 07:42:07.

Natalya showed the highest speed at Chisinau Marathon 2017 (2 hours 57 minutes).

Records and achievements for 2018:

First place in the Hai Haiduci 2018 trail race (30 km for 2:39)

First place in EcoRun Hîncești (20 km for 1:44)

First place in Campionatul RM la Atletism

Third place in the Ryazani Trail Marathon (42 km for 3:14)

Fourth place in Crazy Owl

First place in Cojușna Trail (26 km for 2:13)

First place in the Hit the egg - Ouşoru Challenge (25 km in 2:24)

First place in EcoRun Orheiul Vechi 2018 (3:20).

Sidy Diallo

Birth date: 22/03/1955

Records and achievements:

177 marathons and ultra marathons

Conquered 165 marathons on 7 continents (Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America and Antarctica), including 48 marathons in 2013 and 7 marathons in 2016: 6 marathons on 6 Caribbean islands + 1 marathon in the Caribbean Sea.

He ran marathons and ultra-marathons in 55 countries of the world.

Leonid Shvetsov

Birth date: 28/03/1969

Russian marathon runner, coach.


The current record owner of the most massive supermarathon The Comrades (5: 20.41, South Africa, 2007)

Participant of the Olympic Games of 1996 and 2004 in the marathon: 66 and 13 place

Personal high scores:

Half-marathon 1: 02.24 (Austin, 2002) [2]

Marathon 2: 09.16 (Prague, 1997)

Renat Khamidulin

Birth date: 15/09/1978

Russian cyclist. Currently, he is leading the RusVelo team.

Zinaida Sakara

Birth date: 11/01/1982

Personal record: 21 km - 1:25:34 Minsk (2018)

Second place in Cricova WINE RUN 2017 (10 km distance)

Fourth place in “CLUJ NAPOCA”

First place in the Balti Half-Marathon 2017 (21 km distance).

First place in Iasi BLESSING HEARTS

First place in ECO RUN Orheiul Vechi (21 km)

Fourth place in the Chisinau Marathon 2017

Second place in Campionatul national de atletism din Republica Moldova, 6k distance

Third place in Campionatul national de atletism din Republica Moldova, 10k distance

First place in CRICOVA WINE RUN 2018 (10 km)

Second place in Semimarathon Brasov 2018

First place in EcoRun Nisporeni (24 km)

First place in Cahul Marathon 2018 (10 km)

Second place in TRIATHLON TRIUMPH, Olympic Relay distance

Third place in Cojusna 510 (26 km)

First place in EcoRun Orheiul Vechi 2018 (21 km)

Third place in the MINSK HALF MARATHON (21 km)

Igor Tsymbalar

Birth date: 06/11/1974


Moldova Ex-champion in: 800 m, 1500 m, 3000 m, 5000 m, 10,000 m distances

Participation in the World Ekiden Championships (relay marathon), Denmark 1996

Participation in the World Police Championships, Athens

Participation in the Sevilla Marathon, 2008.

Igor Tsymbalar has been training since 1990.

Maxim Railean

Birth date : 4/10/1994;

Personal record at Half-Marathon: 1:7:56, Cluj Napoca (2017).

Andrei Vrabii

Birth date: 27/03/1992

Records and achievements:

Third place in Cricova Wine Run

First place in Hai Haiduci 8 km

First place in Cahul Maraton 10 km

Third place in Purcari Wine Run 2017

Ninth place in the Chisinau Marathon 2017 (21 km)

Second place in Purcari Wine Run 2018

Second place in Chisinau Duathlon in Absolute category

Svetlana Shepeleva

Birth date: 10/05/1969

Records and achievements:

Master of Sports of international class

The best result in the marathon: 2: 33.54

The best result in the half marathon: 1: 13.26.

Participant of the Athens Olympic Games 2004

Multiple marathon winner in the Balkan countries championship, numerous international marathons and half marathons

Mihai Biznyuk

Birth date: 30/10/1993

Records and achievements:

Member of the athletics national team of the Republic of Moldova

Three times champion of the Republic of Moldova (5000 m-10000 m)

The team competitions prize-winner of the Balkan countries Championship

Ministry of Internal Affairs running champion

Repeatedly won national running competitions and various commercial competitions.

Nikolay Gorbushko

Birth date: 05/07/1991

Records and achievements:

Third place in the European Team Championship 2014 in Georgia (Tbilisi) 3 km with obstacles

Balkan Countries Championship (9-11)

Third place in competitions in Romania (Pitesti) 3 km with obstacles (8.59)

Third place in the Balkan countries winter championship, Turkey (Istanbul) 3 km (8.19).

Victory at the 1st European Olympic Games, Azerbaijan (Baku) 3 km with obstacles

Master of sports standard Performance (8,49,83)

Second place in the Balkan Countries Championship 2016, Romania (Pitesti), 3 km with obstacles (8,41,36)

Third place in the European Team Championship for Small Countries, Malta 3 km.8.22.

First place Ukrainian Cup, Kirovograd, 3 km with obstacles (8.55)

Third place at the International Match Meeting, Latvia (Riga) 3 km with obstacles (8,41,37)

First place in the Chisinau International Marathon 2017

First place in SAMSUNG Półmaraton (8/10/2017)

Sergey Popov

Birth date: 10/26/1980

Top scores:

Marathon: 2.22

Half Marathon: 1.08

10 km: 30.30

3 km: 8.29.9


Champion of Ukraine in mountain running 2016, 2017, 2018

Champion of Ukraine in trail 2017

Member of the World and Euro Cup in the national team of Ukraine

Limassol International Marathon 2018 (Cyprus), 2nd place

Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2018 (Romania), 3rd place

Kharkiv International Marathon 2018 (Ukraine), 3rd place

Kiev Euro Marathon 2018 (Ukraine), 2nd place

Kaunas Marathon 2018 (Lithuania), 3rd place

Zermatt Marathon 2018 (Switzerland), 5th place

Chornohora Sky Marathon 2018 (Ukraine), 1st place

DzemBronya trail 2018 (Championship of Ukraine), 1st place

Amateur running club coach - Salomon running club Kyiv.

Katerina Karmanenko

Birth date: 09/03/1986

Top scores:

Marathon: 2.40.20

Half Marathon: 1.15.36

10 km: 33.07


Participant in the World Cup Marathon in Beijing 2015 and Moscow 2013

Participant of the Team Euro Cup, World Cup and Euro Half-Marathon Cup

Winner and prize-winner of marathon and half-marathon Ukraine Championships

Winner Guttenberg Marathon, Mainz (Germany)

The winner of the half-marathon: Valonnez (France), Karai (France), Szamotuly (Poland), Pristina (Kosovo), Krasstasta (Poland), Zywiec (Poland), Krakow (Poland), Vannes (France), Morlaix (France), Tarcin Poland), Leipzig (Germany) current track record, Kovel (Ukraine), Pabianice (Poland), twice Yerevan (Armenia), Kaunas (Lithuania) 2018 and many victories of 10 km distance.

Amateur running club coach: DneprRun Dnepropetrovsk.

Benjamin Kiprop Serem (Kenya)

Birth date: 4/27/1987

Records and achievements:

Half Marathon: 1:03:04 New Delhi (2009)

Marathon: 2:13:45 Beirut (2013)

First place in Kharkiv Marathon (2018)

Yaroslav Mushinsky

Birth date: 08/08/1976

Records and achievements:

Set a national record in the half marathon, 1:02:43

Set a national record in the marathon, 2:08:32

From 1993 to 2013 was part of Moldova national and Olympic teams

Three times Olympic Games participant - in 2000, 2008, 2012

European Police Running Champion

Record owner for the Balkan countries Marathon

Title of the best Europe marathon runner in period 2009-2012.

Alexey Shcherbina

Birth date: 08/19/1988

Records and achievements:

Second place with a score of 37:55; (10.5 km) Odessa, Self-Transcendence Marathon

Participation in Alanya ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup 2007 (Elite Men, 01:50:13)

Participation in the Hamburg BG Triathlon World Championships 2007 (Junior Men, 00:57:38)

Participation in the Copenhagen ETU Triathlon European Championships

Mikhail Mashistov

Birth date: 4.7.1986

Records and achievements:

Marathon: 2:44:33 (White Church, 2017)

Half Marathon: 1:19:54 (Zhytomyr, 2017)

Vitali Gheorghitsa

Birth date: 02/21/1982


10 km: 29:40

21 km: 1:04:25

42 km: 2:24:30


Multiple champion of Moldova at 3, 5, 10 km distances

Balkan countries half-marathon and marathon champion

First and second Chisinau Marathon winner.

Diana Nastas

Records and achievements:

10 km: 43:00

21 km: 1:35:42

Marathon: 3:24:11

Diana takes part in competitions of various types: trail, mountain races, sky-race, etc. She participated in eight competitions in trail running, among which seven times she went on a pedestal.

Alexey Obukhovsky

Birth date: 03/29/1993

Personal results:

The half marathon - 1:07:22

10 km - 30:20

5 km - 14:12:88

3 km - 8:12:66

1500 m - 3: 50.8


Champion of Ukraine in 2012, 2014, 2015

The prize-winner of the Ukraine championship at 3 km and 5 km distances, in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

Member of the World Junior Championship at 10 km (2012), Barcelona.

Liviu Croitoru

Data nașterii: 25.05.1987

Participant permanent la Maratonul Internațional Chișinău, participant la toate cursele organizate de Sporter. Învingătorul etapei din Tbilisi la Wings for Life World Run, participant la Maratonul din Tokyo, învingător la Maratonul din Cipru (2 ore 36 minute 18 secunde).

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