Simple Stories. Ilie Dercaci

We continue our “Simple Stories” series as part of the Chisinau International Marathon. This time, the center of attention is Ilie Dercaci, the person who managed to cover the half-marathon distance with the help of mind power.

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Grafit Holding is the partner of the best race - Glodiator Mud Race

While the second obstacle race, Glodiator Mud Race, is coming soon and the most courageous and non-conformist join in one by one, the Grafit Holding enrolls as an official partner of this event.

Grafit Holding is an international group of companies, which operates in both European and US markets, and which specializes in highly automated B-to-B sales processes. Grafit Holding is active in many product markets and builds its uniqueness on automation of the process and on geographically distributed highly efficient team of professionals. Grafit Holding helps customers to be more efficient by moving their overstocked products to markets with demand on them. As part of the working processes, the holding is not only able to offer the best price for a high-quality premium product, but also to minimize pollution by reducing the demand for the new goods production. Grafit Holding strives to be a leader in the global demand and supply market thanks to cutting-edge IT technologies.

Currently, Grafit Holding includes: Sovamax Trading, Eminia Trading, Lanius Trading, Agava Trading, Sovamax USA, RA Trading, Gamaiun Consulting, MTEAM.

If you want to become part of the Grafit Holding family, access the following link: https://acasaemaibine.md/ or our page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grafitholding/

The second Glodiator Mud Race will be held on August 4, 2019. The race represents a 5 km track with all kinds of obstacles: from barbed wire, mud, tyre walls to piles of dirt and water hoses. The participants may take part on their own or in a team of 4 members.

To register and learn more about the mud race, please visit the official website glodiator.md.

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