Donaris Vienna Insurance Group joins Maratonul de Craciun

Together with Donaris Vienna Insurance Group as a partner, we shall gather on December 22 in the Great National Assembly Square to create a magic and happy atmosphere and to support the Maratonul de Craciun by Naturalis participants

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Aqua unIQa is getting ready for Maratonul de Crăciun by Naturalis

Soon, both adults and children will have the opportunity to ”charge” with magical emotions and joy. Aqua unIQa invites you to spend the holidays in an unusual way: participate in Maratonul de Crăciun by Naturalis, which will be held on December 22, in the Great National Assembly Square

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Maratonul de Crăciun by Naturalis: be who you want to be on 22 December!

If you are still thinking whether to register for the Christmas run – Maratonul de Crăciun by Naturalis, which is due on December 22, then you should know that it’s worth it! In addition to the charity behind the registration, along with the bag full of gifts that you will receive, besides the energy and calories that you will lose at covering the three-kilometer distance, besides the magical Christmas atmosphere that will surround you, yet there is another great reason why you should go for this fabulous race: you will have the freedom to be who you want to be, to transform into your favorite character and to walk like this through the city center without being considered a freak!

You feel intrigued, don’t you? Then let's get to work! First off, keep in mind: you don't necessarily have to spend all your money to buy yourself an original carnival costume! You just need some desire, enough time and a little bit (well, maybe more than a little bit) of creativity. Don't worry, you don't have to be a master – Google search will help you uncover your talents and skills. 

Are you going to stick to tradition and pick a Santa, elf, reindeer or Snow White dress? Or do you prefer to dress as a spaceman or pirate, Sherlock Holmes or Ronaldo? Whatever you choose, you should know that your skill and creativity will be rewarded. At the end of the race, the most original and ingenious costumes will be awarded in several categories: individual, couple and family/group of friends.

Everybody, big and small, amateur, beginner or professional runner, let's celebrate Christmas together by running a race along the Stefan cel Mare avenue in the capital of Moldova!

Maratonul de Crăciun by Naturalis will be held on 22 December in the Great National Assembly Square, starting at 9:30. The run itself is scheduled for 12:00. To learn more about the event and to register, please visit: https://craciun.md/en/.

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