Milestii Mici Wine Run 2020. Official aftermovie

If you are curious to find out how it is possible to practice sports, drink wine, honor traditions and welcome foreign guests, watch the official Milestii Mici Wine Run 2020 aftermovie

28 February, 11:405940
The Nistru banks were united by Maratonul de Craciun

Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme, which is financed by EU and implemented by UNDP on both Nistru banks involves not just conversations, planning and strategy enforcement. It also implies a possibility for the children to participate in different events

31 January, 15:007400
20 November, 05:40748

Naturalis became the title partner of Maratonul de Craciun 2019

It is impossible that Sporter would organize a sporting event without Naturalis, let alone Maratonul de Craciun, which is the most “magic” race of the year. This time, Naturalis will also become the title partner of this costume race, which will be held on December 22 in the Great National Assembly Square.

Naturalis is a popular juice and nectar brand, which has a rich and accessible in price range of products. Naturalis is the best choice for people who care for their health, plus the convenient and practical package is highly appreciated, especially by children.

The first Naturalis juice pack was manufactured by Orhei-Vit Company in 2007. The large range of products, various pack sizes and the excellent taste won consumers’ preferences. The brand is constantly developing: the range of juices is complemented with new and interesting flavours. Today, it is the most popular juice brand in Moldova, which is confirmed by its market share and by numerous “Brand of the year” and international awards.

Naturalis juices and nectars sales market covers more than 30 countries: Romania, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Lithuania, Estonia, Cameroon, Ghana etc.

Nowadays it is the most exported brands made in Moldova.

Maratonul de Craciun by Naturalis will be held on December 22, starting with 9:30, in the Great National Assembly Square. Anyone - regardless of age - is welcome to participate! The race starts at 12:00. To learn more about the race and to register, please visit https://craciun.md/en/

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