10 Reasons to Visit Moldova and to Stay for a while

From time to time Moldova is included in ratings of the most unvisited destinations, which is actually worth visiting. Statistics show that the number of tourists who come to visit this country, which is at the crossroads of civilization, increases annually.

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Red Bull gives wings to the Rubicon 2019 participants!

Red Bull became partner of the Rubicon 2019 ultra-marathon relay across Moldova, which will be held from 1 to 3 February. The energy drink Red Bull will be handed out to the participants on several segments of the race.

How and when to drink Red Bull during training sessions?

The energy drink helps many professional and amateur sportsmen around the world when they need a boost of energy.

When to drink a can of Red Bull, depends on the athlete and the type of sport. Red Bull can be consumed before, during and after trainings.

Red Bull energy drink is a functional product and is not created to quench your thirst. Red Bull does not replace water, thus it is not intended to restore water balance in the body. During exercise, you must drink water in addition to Red Bull.

One can of Red Bull (250 ml) contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee of the same volume. Consumption of the Red Bull energy drink should take into account the daily recommended caffeine intake.

Red Bull gives you wings!

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