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BMW xDrive became partner of obstacle race - Glodiator MUD RACE 2019

BMW xDrive doesn’t miss any event with challenges, speed and adrenaline, therefore, the company decided to become a partner of the obstacle race - Glodiator MUD RACE 2019.

Each axle uses maximum traction with BMW xDrive all-wheel drive. Your BMW car gives you stability when accelerating at the exit of the corner. If more power is needed, especially in difficult driving conditions, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) comes into action. In addition to improved traction, the system is able to recognize the first signs of oversteer and understeer. In 1/10 seconds, this system distributes 100% of the engine power to the front or rear axle via the transmission and the multi-disc clutch, which is controlled electronically, before it returns to the 40:60 normal distribution.

With this technology, BMW created an all-wheel drive system that offers you all the benefits of rear-wheel drive: precise handling, exceptional steering and clear differentiation between the engine and the steering.

The second Glodiator Mud Race will be held on August 4, 2019. The race represents a 5 km track with all kinds of obstacles: from barbed wire, mud, tyre walls to piles of dirt and water hoses. The participants may take part on their own or in a team of 4 members.

To register and learn more about the mud race, please visit the official website glodiator.md.

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