The drinking water OM Kids: become a real hero at Kids Run Day

On September 28, the children's race, Kids Run Day, will be held in the Great National Assembly Square. The OM Kids drinking water - the official partner of this event - will help the young participants to cover the distances easily and to become real heroes at the sporting celebration.

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#BeActive at the European week of sport in Moldova

On September 23, the official opening ceremony of the fifth European week of sport “#BeActive — Fii activ. Fii sportiv. Fii pozitiv.” will be held in the Great National Assembly Square. All the activities within this event will be dedicated to the young amateurs of the active lifestyle. The Chisinau International Marathon will be a part of the European week of sport in Moldova.

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“Novoe Radio” — media partner of Glodiator Mud Race 2019

The “Poli Disc — Novoe Radio” radio station has made a tradition out of supporting the sports events organized by Sporter NGO. This time, “Novoe Radio” became the media partner of the second mud and obstacle contest – Glodiator Mud Race 2019, due on 4 August on the Schinoasa motocross track.

“Poli Disc – Novoe Radio” broadcasts both music and press releases to allow listeners to keep up with all major events in the country and abroad. For example, the radio show “Новое приглашает” (Novoye Priglashaet) will inform the listeners on the most captivating cultural news and events of the country.

Also, “Poli Disc – Novoe Radio” broadcasts traditional shows with musical dedications and a variety of programs with prize draws and gifts. In addition, the radio waves also broadcast the popular morning show “StarПерцы” (StarPertzy).

No matter which corner of the world you are, you can listen to “Poli Disc – Novoe Radio” by visiting the official website of the radio station — newradio.md.

The "Poli Disc - Novoe Radio" frequency is available in all parts of Moldova. Chisinau and the central regions can catch it on 103.7 FM. North regions: Balti - 106.2 FM, Edinet - 105.4 FM. South regions: Vulcanesti - 102.7 FM, Causeni, Tiraspol, Bender - 103.0 FM.

May you be reminded that Glodiator Mud Race 2019 will be held on 4 August, on the Schinoasa motocross track. The competition is equally open to Moldovan citizens and guests from abroad. The participants will have to overcome 5 km through mud, ditches, barbed wire and other obstacles. You may participate as part of a team of individually. In addition, as part of this race, the 600 m mud race for children, Kids Glodiator Mud Race, will be held for the first time in Moldova.

To register and learn more details, please visit the official website of the event: glodiator.md.

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