Is Soylent Good for You?

If you're looking for a trendy meal replacement drink, you've probably heard of Soylent, meal supplements popular with people who want no-fuss nutrition with a feel-good vibe.

14 June, 14:03190
Purcari Wine Run: trail race with wine taste

On August 24, the Purcari Wine Run trail race will be held at Chateau Purcari venue. Even if there are many wine races in Europe, the wine of Moldova isn’t just a beverage, but it is a very important part of its culture and history. The wine races are something different.

13 June, 14:16230
Using Probiotics for Weight Loss

A type of "friendly bacteria" sold in supplement form, probiotics are sometimes marketed as natural weight loss aids. By consuming these live microorganisms, proponents claim, people can correct bacterial imbalances thought to contribute to weight gain. While few studies have tested this theory, some research suggests that probiotics may help support weight loss.

13 June, 13:43270
Be the first in Triathlon Triumph 2019 with Red Bull!

Red Bull, energy drinks manufacturer, has become the official partner of the annual Moldovan triathlon championship, Triathlon Triumph 2019. The championship will be held on July 14, in the Valea Morilor Park. Both amateur and professional athletes from Moldova and abroad may participate in the race.

12 June, 13:30270
21 May, 11:01186

Боксеры одновременно отправили друг друга в нокдаун (Видео)

В сети появилось видео, где два боксера одновременно отправили друг друга в нокдаун. Ролик опубликован в YouTube-канале House of Highlights.

Сам поединок прошел 10 мая в одном из отелей Голливуда, передает

Американцы Джерхед Фендерсон и Иросвани Дювергель в одном из эпизодом ударили друг друга и потеряли равновесие. Дювергель упал на канаты и вскоре поднялся, Фендерсон же пролежал на полу дольше соперника. Он поднялся только после того, как рефери поединка начал отcчет.

Бой закончился победой Фендерсона единогласным решением судей.

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