How the Gut-Brain Connection Affects Your Mood

Have you ever been hangry? If the word isn't familiar to you, the condition probably is. Have you ever lashed out a coworker before lunch? Have you barked at your spouse or your kids after postponing that afternoon snack?

12 July, 13:19410
Triathlon Triumph by BMW i will be held this weekend

On Sunday, July 14, the Moldovan triathlon championship, Triathlon Triumph by BMW i, will be held in the Valea Morilor Park, in Chisinau. On july 13, the children’s triathlon championship, Kids Triathlon Triumph 2019, will be organized as part of this event. This year, it will receive a national status.

12 July, 12:48420
What Are the Best Sports for a Good Workout?

Let’s face it, spending hours in the gym can sometimes feel like a real grind, especially if you prefer competitive or recreational sports over traditional cardio and resistance training workouts.

11 July, 12:07430
What's the Best Time of Day to Do Yoga?

In the simplest terms, the best time to do yoga is the time that works best for you. Since the key to accessing all of yoga's many benefits is a consistent practice over time (and hopefully long into the future), you need to find the routine that fits your lifestyle and works with your schedule.

11 July, 12:04390
How to dress up for the “Glodiator Mud Race 2019”?

Many people refuse to participate in sporting events only because they believe these are boring and monotonous. We do not agree with you and we can tell for sure that there are various competitions: fun, extreme and not at all boring, especially if we talk about mud races and survival runs.

11 July, 06:50410
19 June, 06:2177

Экс-президента УЕФА Платини освободили из-под стражи

Бывший президент УЕФА Мишель Платини освобожден из-под стражи во Франции. Напомним, экс-функционер был задержан по подозрению в коррупции.

"Платини уже свободен. Слишком много шума на пустом месте", - приводит слова адвоката француза Уильяма Бурдона AFP.

Сообщается, что слушания по делу продолжались нескольких часов. Также источник утверждает, что изначально Платини проходил по делу в качестве свидетеля. Однако когда француз прибыл в офис полиции, он был задержан. 

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