How the Gut-Brain Connection Affects Your Mood

Have you ever been hangry? If the word isn't familiar to you, the condition probably is. Have you ever lashed out a coworker before lunch? Have you barked at your spouse or your kids after postponing that afternoon snack?

12 July, 13:1916870
How ‘Catching Up’ on Sleep Is Actually Messing With Your Body

When you’re zonked from a week full of work deadlines and runs, you may be tempted to shut off the alarm when the weekend finally rolls in to catch up on some shuteye. But that may not bring the health boost your think: Varying your sleep schedule can put you at risk of a bunch of metabolic abnormalities, a new study published in Diabetes Care suggests.

2 July, 14:3910680
How Running Twice a Day Can Help You Finally Nab that Next PR

Heading out for two runs in a single day—logging “two-a-days”—is standard practice among elites. But most of us wouldn’t dream of running twice a day—either we don’t have enough time or there’s too much injury risk. However, it may be time to rethink your own training strategy.

2 July, 14:369720
Why Do I Get Arch Pain When I Run?

Arch pain could be caused by something as simple as your running shoes, but there are other factors that could make finding a solution more complicated.

4 June, 08:5112960
How to Take a Better Nap

We’ve all been there—passed out on the couch after a long ride, drool dripping from the corner of the mouth. Few things are more satisfying than a nap after a long, hard workout. It’s easy to assume simple fatigue is the sole reason we conk out, but there’s much more at play, says Dr. Amy Bender, Clinical Program Director of Athlete Services at the Center for Sleep & Human Performance.

29 May, 06:2613180