Ice Cream Calories and Nutrition Facts

It can be tough to stay on your diet while satisfying your craving for yummy, creamy ice cream. Some ice creams contain more than 300 calories per half-cup serving. The good news is, many varieties are now available that will please your taste buds for half the calories—or less. Before you head to the freezer section compare ice cream calories and scan the nutrition facts label to make the smartest choice.

24 June, 13:42310
What Is the Flexitarian Diet?

If you’ve ever considered a vegetarian diet but immediately backed out because you love a good burger, the flexitarian diet may be a good option for you. Combining the words “flexible” and “vegetarian,” this diet suggests that you can reap the benefits of a vegetarian diet while still enjoying meat when the craving strikes.

19 June, 11:39350
Using Probiotics for Weight Loss

A type of "friendly bacteria" sold in supplement form, probiotics are sometimes marketed as natural weight loss aids. By consuming these live microorganisms, proponents claim, people can correct bacterial imbalances thought to contribute to weight gain. While few studies have tested this theory, some research suggests that probiotics may help support weight loss.

13 June, 13:43410
9 Healthy Protein Snacks for Weight Loss

Weight loss happens faster when you eat a calorie-controlled diet full of healthy meals and portion-controlled snacks. But trying to eat the right foods and the right amount of each food can be a huge challenge.

11 June, 11:24560
How to Choose Low-Fat Meats

When you’re shopping or dining out, it can be helpful to know which protein sources are low in saturated fat. While you might assume the best way to reduce your saturated fat intake is to stop eating animal products altogether, you can still enjoy fish, beef, pork, and poultry by choosing low-fat cuts and making meat part of an overall balanced diet.

10 June, 13:31490