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10 days are left until Puzzle Day 2019 contest

Pretty soon, the Tekwill excellence center will become a place of serious competition for speed, agility and attentiveness. On 24 March, about 100 teams will gather here to fight for the title of the fastest puzzle assemblers in Moldova. In just 10 days, Chisinau will host the sixth edition of the speed puzzle assembly competition – Puzzle Day by Castorland 2019.

If you want to take part in this one-of-a-kind contest, you can still register your team at a discounted price. The Puzzle Day by Castorland 2019 championship is a family competition, in which teams of children, parents and grandparents are welcomed and even encouraged! A play space will be specially arranged for the youngest participants.

As a reminder, in order to participate in this championship, you do not necessarily need to make up a team of experienced puzzle builders! You can participate in the company of friends or colleagues. At the registration stage, you can choose by yourself the category in which you would like to compete: professionals or amateurs. 

The competition will start at 12:00. Participants will be given a 500-piece puzzle for each teams and 2 hours for the assembly. The quickest teams to build the whole picture will be the winners. 

The championship will be conducted by the most popular female forum in Moldova mama.md and the largest free classified ads – 999.md.

For more information about the event please visit the official website.

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