The drinking water OM Kids: become a real hero at Kids Run Day

On September 28, the children's race, Kids Run Day, will be held in the Great National Assembly Square. The OM Kids drinking water - the official partner of this event - will help the young participants to cover the distances easily and to become real heroes at the sporting celebration.

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#BeActive at the European week of sport in Moldova

On September 23, the official opening ceremony of the fifth European week of sport “#BeActive — Fii activ. Fii sportiv. Fii pozitiv.” will be held in the Great National Assembly Square. All the activities within this event will be dedicated to the young amateurs of the active lifestyle. The Chisinau International Marathon will be a part of the European week of sport in Moldova.

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Agora and Ea.md – media partners of Puzzle Day 2019

The media institutions Agora and Ea.md have become informational partners of the high-speed puzzle assembly championship – Puzzle Day 2019. The event is aimed at increasing the game popularity and getting as many people as possible to engage in such activities with friends and family.

The news site Agora is a private media institution in the Republic of Moldova, whose editorial policy aims to inform readers in an operative, impartial and equidistant manner. The main focus is on daily informing the public about current events and topics, both in the country and abroad.

Agora strives to become the most reliable media source in Moldova. Due to the quality and diversity of multimedia content presented in text, photo, infographic, video format, Agora is the leading news and analytical portal in the Internet environment.

Agora’s mission is to develop an objective and accurate news platform that will help inform, educate and motivate people. The news portal encourages critical thinking and citizen participation in the development of the country, stimulates interaction, communication and partnership between citizens, government agencies and the business environment.

Agora's content is predominantly made up of news items that are structured into ten categories: Current, Politics, Society, Economy, Health, Banks and Insurance, Worldwide, Technology, Media, and Lifestyle. Daily content of each news category is updated. Additionally, Agora publishes analytics, interviews and exchange rates. The portal also initiates and implements other media projects/campaigns aimed at developing the Moldovan society and facilitating the exchange of information between citizens and the state.

The EA.md women's website is designed to help women become strong and happy, and live in harmony with themselves and the environment. The purpose of EA.md is to provide important and interesting news and articles that highlight women's issues and topics, as well as to inspire and unite them. EA.md brings together a community of active women and is a benchmark of quality in the online press for women.

On Sunday, 24 March 2019, "Puzzle Day by Castorland" will take place at Tekwill center (9/11, Studentilor St., Chisinau). Anyone who is interested in puzzles or just likes doing puzzle games is invited to take part, as well as those who want to spend the weekend with friends and family. To register and find out the details about the event, please visit: https://puzzleday.md/en.

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