Mileștii Mici Wine Run 2021 postponed to 2022

The Mileștii Mici Wine Run 2021 is postponed. Unfortunately, the situation with the COVID-19 epidemic in Moldova remains tense, and the borders remain closed. We don’t want to endanger your health and therefore invite you to take part in the next Mileștii Mici Wine Run edition, which is due on 6 February 2022.

11 November, 14:117460
Expanding boundaries: Online Chisinau Marathon reached India

On Sunday, September 27, the most unusual and international edition of the Chisinau Marathon, the Online Chisinau International Marathon 2020, ended. On this day, runners in T-shirts decorated with competition symbols could be seen not only in Chisinau, but also in Ungheni, Balti, Soroca, in several cities in Transnistria, in the USA, Italy, Romania, Greece and even in India.

5 October, 16:356470
Milestii Mici Wine Run 2020. Official aftermovie

If you are curious to find out how it is possible to practice sports, drink wine, honor traditions and welcome foreign guests, watch the official Milestii Mici Wine Run 2020 aftermovie

28 February, 11:4015700
24 February, 12:351974

Puzzle Day by Castorland 2020 has opened the registration

The speed-puzzle building contest, Puzzle Day by Castorland 2020, will be held again in Chisinau. People who want to participate may already register their teams.

This year, Puzzle Day by Castorland will be held on March 21, at the Tekwill Center. Children over 7 years and adults of all ages may participate.

The main rule of this unusual contest is the team formed of 2-4 participants. Gather your family, friends, colleagues, give a name to your team and choose the category which you want to participate in: either amateur or professional. The rules for both categories are the same, the only difference is the level of difficulty.

The participants have 2 hours to build the 500-piece puzzle. The winners are the teams (in both categories) who finish building their puzzles the fastest.

Bonus: even if you don’t win the championship, you can keep the puzzle!

To register for Puzzle Day by Castorland 2020, please visit puzzleday.md.

The team participation fee is 300 MDL until March 16. Starting with March 17, the price will rise up to 400 MDL. Therefore, if you want to benefit from the low price, you must hurry! Moreover, seats are limited!

As a reminder, Puzzle Day by Castorland is organized for the seventh time in Moldova. About 100 teams participate in this contest, and some of them travel from neighbouring countries.

The puzzle championship is organized by women’s forum, mama.md, and by online ads board, 999.md.

source link puzzleday.md
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