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Happy New Year, sports fans!

For some people New Year symbolizes Olivier salad, oranges and gifts under the Christmas tree, but for sportsmen the new year means new challenges, new records and new medals. For them it is a new chance to become stronger, faster, tougher and cooler than ever before!

On New Year's Eve, Sporter team wants to wish all sportsmen (both professional and amateur), healthy lifestyle supporters, like-minded people and participants in our sporting events, the following:

  • To our Milestii Mici Wine Run participants, we wish to get “sober” out of the wine cellars, and to Purcari Wine Run participants - to not get lost in the vineyards!

  • To Rubicon ultramarathoners, we wish them to have flaming hearts and the best thermal underwear.

  • To triathletes of all ages, we wish to not waste time in the transit zone.

  • To Hajduks we wish to find harmony with the world and the nature!

  • We wish you to become the coolest in 2019 by all CRITERIA no matter what (even the weather)!

  • We wish you to value your past achievements, but not stop on your way to triumph.

  • To future GLODiators we wish to save face as they plunge in the mud, but to gracefully dive into it and overcome all obstacles, even the most impossible ones.

  • To marathoners and runners, we wish that their heart-rate monitors will never be discharged!

  • We wish you to get ready for Hell Run.

  • We wish that the new year and the Maratonul de Craciun bring more wonderful moments.

  • And finally, we wish that every member of the family, even the youngest, will receive their medal hanger next year! And a bike for future use!

P.S. Tomorrow, we are expecting you for the sports training.

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