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Red Bull: taste the victory at Glodiator Mud Race 2019

The Red Bull Company is an integral part of almost all bright sports events in Moldova. This time, the energy drinks manufacturer, Red Bull, has become a partner of the extreme race, Glodiator Mud Race 2019, which will be organized on August 4, on the Schinoasa motocross track. Join the race and learn how to overcome the most challenging obstacles together with Red Bull, in order to be worthy of the Glodiator title.

The secret of sporting achievements is Red Bull

Red Bull energy drink is a boost of energy, power and concentration, when required. It is a functional drink, which helps recover the energy balance after long and hard training sessions, races, physical efforts. Red Bull is the choice of both professional and amateur sportsmen.

How and when to drink Red Bull?

Red Bull can be consumed before, during and after trainings. It depends on the type of sport you are practicing. Note, it is an energy drink and it is not designed to maintain hydration balance or to quench the thirst. During exercise, you must drink water in addition to Red Bull.

The drink contains only high quality ingredients: caffeine, taurine, vitamins of the B group, glucose, sucrose and alpine water. This composition is absolutely harmless to the body, but you must follow the rules of daily caffeine intake.

Red Bull gives you wings!

As a reminder, Glodiator Mud Race 2019 will be held on August 4, 2019, on the Schinoasa motocross track. The competition is open to everybody. Both Moldovan citizens and guests from abroad may take part in it. The participants will have to go 5 km through mud, ditches, barbed wire and other obstacles. You may participate as part of a team of individually. In addition, as part of this race, the 600 m mud race for children, Kids Glodiator Mud Race, will be held for the first time in Moldova.

To register and learn more about the mud race, please visit the official website glodiator.md.

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