Aqua unIQa is getting ready for Maratonul de Crăciun by Naturalis

Soon, both adults and children will have the opportunity to ”charge” with magical emotions and joy. Aqua unIQa invites you to spend the holidays in an unusual way: participate in Maratonul de Crăciun by Naturalis, which will be held on December 22, in the Great National Assembly Square

27 November, 10:19330
19 November, 15:4249

Thanks to the EU, the youth from both banks of Nistru river participated in Chisinau Marathon 2019

The youth from the towns of both sides of the Nistru river, in which the sports schools were repaired with the financial support of European Union, was able to participate in the Chisinau International Marathon 2019.

We’re talking about 100 children, teenagers and coaches from the sport schools from the right bank of Nistru river. The Sporter organization has repeatedly declared about the international nature of its events and the desire to strengthen the cooperation and trust between the inhabitants of the two banks of the river.

Therefore, in August, as part of preparation for the marathon, the Chisinau Marathon organizers had lead a running session in Tiraspol. Sporter is sincerely interested and committed to making all events equally available to residents of both right and left sides of the Nistru river. The collaboration with the European confidence-building program is a notable example.

EU supported the organization of Chisinau International Marathon via “Education and Sports Platform”, which was generated within “The Support to Confidence Building Measures” EU program.

“The Support to Confidence Building Measures” program, which is financed by European Union and which is implemented by UNDP, contributes to the consolidation of trust between the residents of both Nistru banks by involving the representatives of the local communities, business circles and civil society in business development and social infrastructure improvement projects.

source link sporter.md
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