4 Tips for Improving Your Speed and Endurance

If you just started running, you’re probably concerned with two things: running further and running faster. And you’re not alone: Those are the fundamental goals of runners at all levels, ages, and speeds, which means—sorry—you might not ever feel like you “made it” as a runner. Your pace and distance ambitions will simply adjust according to your experience. (FWIW, you can totally run simply for the joy of it, but you wouldn’t have clicked on this story if that was your only goal, right?)

19 February, 15:461440
30-Minute Cardio Medley Workout

Cardio machines can get pretty boring. One way to keep things interesting and work your body in different ways is to change machines throughout the workout.

18 February, 13:261220
FTRM representatives completed the triathlon training in South Korea

​​​​In the period of 7 to 11 November the 2018 Incheon KTF-ITU Coaches Level 1 Course
 was held in Incheon (South Korea). This event was organized by the International Triathlon Union with the financial support of Korean Olympic Sports Committee. The 42 participants from 30 countries, including Moldova, completed the course.

18 December, 09:562310