10 Reasons to Visit Moldova and to Stay for a while

From time to time Moldova is included in ratings of the most unvisited destinations, which is actually worth visiting. Statistics show that the number of tourists who come to visit this country, which is at the crossroads of civilization, increases annually.

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Organizers of Indoor Triathlon bring thanks to all referees

On November 17 and 18, in the Aquaterra Fitness Ciocana, the Indoor Triathlon took place. The championship was successful due to the discipline of the participants and the help of the judges. The Triathlon Federation of Moldova brings thanks to all the referees and judges for participating in this unique event and promoting triathlon as a mass sport.

A few days before the race, technical delegates from the FTRM conducted a training for the referee team. Their main task was to identify rule violations during the competition. On every stage of the championship, a panel of judges from the FTRM was there for consultation and issue resolution. Also, volunteers helped guiding participants and keeping order on the track.

This year, Moldovan cyclist Sergey Tsvetkov - Romanian champion in ITT and Road Bicycle Racing, winner of USA Pro Challenge 2014 and Tour de Beauce Canadian race - became one of the cycling referees.

Indoor Triathlon combines three sports: swimming, cycling and running. This type of race is held indoors, which makes it different from other competitions. 80 adults and 65 children participated in this event.

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