Aquarelle FM susține cel de-al cincilea „Maraton Chișinău”!

Postul de radio Aquarelle FM va evolua în calitate de partener media al celei mai grandioase curse de alergare din țară – cea de-a cincea ediție a „Maratonului Internațional Chișinău”, care va avea loc pe 29 septembrie în Piața Marii Adunări Naționale.

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ŠKODA will lead you through the unique course of Purcari Wine Run 2019

ŠKODA company is convinced that there is movement behind every success story. Moving forward means progressing to your goals and cherished dreams. This is proved by those more than 120 years of experience and the title of one of the fastest growing automobile brands in the world.

ŠKODA supports stubborn people who aspire to become stronger, more resilient and faster. That’s the reason why the company is a reliable partner of the largest sporting events conducted by Sporter, be it the Rubicon ultramarathon, the Chisinau Criterium bike race or the Chisinau International Marathon, where movement is the only way to win an unconditional victory!

The Purcari Wine Run wine trail race is no exception. In this contest, runners will be lead to victory by the modern crossover and the official race car, ŠKODA KODIAQ.

This crossover model can easily cope with any difficulties on the road, thanks to the 4x4 all-wheel drive system. High-tech assistive technology allows you to quickly and correctly respond to various situations, while holding complete control. Ready for the most difficult road conditions, the ŠKODA KODIAQ is perfect for those who value comfort, safety and style while driving.

Chase the ŠKODA car and be the first to FINISH!

Please be reminded that Purcari Wine Run cross-country wine race will be held on August 24. Participants will cover 10 km along the course, which runs through the picturesque vineyards of Chateau Purcari. Not only experienced athletes can take part, but also those who have just started to get involved in running. You can register at purcari.winerun.md.

For more information about this unusual trail race, please visit purcari.winerun.md

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