Maratonul de Crăciun by Naturalis готовит рождественское чудо для Влада

В селе Флорицоая Ноуэ Унгенского района живет мальчик Влад Пынзарь. Ему 10 лет. Он мог бы играть на улице с другими мальчишками, читать любимые книжки и радовать свою маму спортивными победами. Если бы не ДЦП.

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Молодежь с обоих берегов Днестра участвует в Кишиневском Марафоне 2019

Молодежь из населенных пунктов с обоих берегов Днестра, в которых, при финансовой поддержке Европейского союза, были отремонтированы спортивные школы, участвовала в Кишиневском Марафоне 2019

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Новые победы молдавских теннисистов на международной арене

Участие молдавских теннисистов в соседней Украине на мемориальном турнире Кубок Виктора Корчагина в Каменец-Подольском (Хмельницкая область) ознаменовалось новыми победами молдавских теннисистов

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Locals.md invites you to Hell Run by Naturalis – the Halloween race

On October 26, the Botanical Garden will host Hell Run by Naturalis – the only official night running race in Moldova. Since it is a Halloween run, both adults and children are invited to participate and enter the world of mysterious creatures. Locals.md has become the official media partner of the event and promises to support the participants along the entire route.

“We are Chisinau residents. We live here. We are Locals.”

Locals.md is an information portal and a daily online magazine, which was created by Chisinau residents for Chisinau residents.

The project gathers the most interesting information about what is happening in the сapital. Day by day, the portal shares with its readers new places and opportunities to spend beautiful time in the city, tells interesting stories of talented people, promotes arts, civic spirit and beautiful events, thus showing that the residents of the capital have something or someone to be proud of!

The electronic pages of the Locals.md magazine present you the most relevant news in the world of cinema, music and art, you can get familiar with entertainment events schedule, you can read or listen to interviews with local artists and view photos published by our readers with the #localsmd hashtag.

Hell Run is a non-competitive running race for the whole family. Come to the Chisinau Botanical Garden on 26 October 2019, 18:00, and conquer the spooky route, which is 4.2 km (2.60 mi) long.

Anyone can attend the Hell Run, the only requirement is to wear a carnival disguise or Halloween costume.

To find out more details and to register, please visit the official website of the event: https://hellrun.md/en.

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