Maratonul de Crăciun by Naturalis готовит рождественское чудо для Влада

В селе Флорицоая Ноуэ Унгенского района живет мальчик Влад Пынзарь. Ему 10 лет. Он мог бы играть на улице с другими мальчишками, читать любимые книжки и радовать свою маму спортивными победами. Если бы не ДЦП.

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Молодежь с обоих берегов Днестра участвует в Кишиневском Марафоне 2019

Молодежь из населенных пунктов с обоих берегов Днестра, в которых, при финансовой поддержке Европейского союза, были отремонтированы спортивные школы, участвовала в Кишиневском Марафоне 2019

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Новые победы молдавских теннисистов на международной арене

Участие молдавских теннисистов в соседней Украине на мемориальном турнире Кубок Виктора Корчагина в Каменец-Подольском (Хмельницкая область) ознаменовалось новыми победами молдавских теннисистов

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Prepare your costume! Hell Run by Naturalis is really close!

We know that the sun goes down pretty early, that it’s cold outside and the sky is often overcast, that fog and melancholy falling leaves urge you to spend your time under the covers at home, sipping at hot tea or chocolate, eating popcorn as watching TV serials... But what would you say if you left all this for later? Come on, get out of this autumn monotony and go for a race! Not just a race, but a night one, with evil spirits, with gifts and prizes, Halloween-specific music and atmosphere? Are you curious? Great! Come to the Botanical Garden on Saturday, October 26, and join the fourth edition of Hell Run by Naturalis!

Hell Run is the only costumed running race in the country that takes place at night. Both adults and children can participate in the event, since the route distance is just 4.2 km. The only condition that runners must adhere to is wearing a mask or costume, the spookier and funnier, the better.

Why not miss such an event? It’s simple! No other course will give you as many mixed emotions as Hell Run will. That’s because along the way, participants will come across all sorts of creatures who will try to distract them from the route and scare them. The race is a non-competitive one, and therefore the good mood and the specific atmosphere of this holiday will turn the event into a truly special one.

Moreover, at the starting line, each participant who registered for the race and paid the participation fee, will receive a bag that can be filled during the race with various gifts and sweets provided by partners.

The event will take place on October 26 in the Botanical Garden, starting 18:00. To register and learn more about the „creepy” run, visit: https://hellrun.md/en/.

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