Марафон Силы и Красоты

И в карантин бывают хорошие новости! 2020 - год как-то не складывается, поэтому мы решили устроить ему бойкот и подготовиться провести активное и здоровое лето

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Горный клуб РМ берется за обустройство скал Молдовы

Национальная альпинистская организация Горный клуб Республики Молдова решила начать открытый проект по спортивному обустройству всех пригодных для скалолазания молдавских скал, включая Приднестровские

22 мая, 10:007330
Коронавирус, уходи! Я на велохору хочу

Мы ждали и долго готовились к грандиозному возвращению самой масштабной велопрогулки Кишинева — VeloHora 2020. Но эпидемия, карантин и чрезвычайное положение в стране, которое власти ввели до 15 мая, внесли свои коррективы.

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До старта Chisinau International Marathon 2020 осталось ровно полгода

Всего лишь полгода отделяет нас от самого масштабного соревнования по бегу в стране — шестого Международного Кишиневского марафона. 27 сентября 2020 на центральной площади Кишинева соберутся тысячи участников из Молдовы и зарубежных стран.

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10 октября, 10:33533

Things you should know before going to Hell Run by Naturalis 2019

Hell Run by Naturalis is the only costume night race for 4.2 km in Chisinau, which is dedicated to All Saints Day. This year's edition of the “mini-marathon of monsters” will be held on 26 October in the Botanical Garden, starting 18:00.

If you follow our list of rules and tips below, we grant you the most fun and enjoyment from the race.

1. Hell Run by Naturalis is a Halloween night costume race. This means that everyone who takes part in this frighteningly fun sporting event should prepare or rent a scary (or not too scary) outfit.

2. Halloween is the time of funny, a little scary (just a little bit) looks and outfits, so do not forget to use the appropriate make-up to complete your look.

3. Next tip goes for families. If you’re going to participate with your dear ones, consider family themed Halloween costumes as an option. Then you will have every chance to get one of the prizes for the most original costumed family. Last year, among participants there were such unusual themed costumes as puppet and master of puppets, Little Red Riding Hood and the Gray Wolf, and other.

4. There is one essential condition — good mood! Maybe you knew this, but just in case, we just decided to remind you.

5. Both adults and children can participate in Hell Run by Naturalis. But since they are supposed to run through a dark park, children under 12 years old can participate only being accompanied by adults.

6. Before the race, make sure that you take your participant bag from the registration desk. Of course, you need something that you could use to gather all the tasty things and gifts that you will find on the track. A sweet medal will be waiting for you at the finish line!

7. Don’t forget to take a flashlight with you! If you leave it at home, it might be very scary to run in a dark park. This is a joke, of course, but yet not far from the truth. Without a flashlight, there is a high chance of getting lost or accidentally turning the wrong way.

8. To avoid problems at the event, make sure that you have registered on the hellrun.md website and paid for participation in advance. The participation fee is 200 MDL (~10.30 EUR). If you’re going to accompany the child without taking part in the race, you don’t need to pay the participation fee. This means you won’t have a participant number nor a bag to collect gifts.

If you want to learn about last year’s edition of Hell Run by Naturalis, you can visit hellrun.md. There you will also find full details of the event.

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