Visa стала официальным партнером Milestii Mici Wine Run 2020

Глобальная компания платежных технологий Visa, выступает официальным партнером уникального подземного забега Milestii Mici Wine Run 2020, который пройдет 9 февраля на территории винных подвалов комбината Milestii Mici.

7 февраля, 08:592672
24 января, 15:03124

Reserve a seat in the bus to Milestii Mici Wine Run

To make your participation more comfortable, we organize special busses that will take you from Chișinău to Mileștii Mici.

Please complete the following form to book a seat in one of our busses for free.

If you got a supporter who also needs transportation, and is not a participant in running or degustation, please notice that the trip for him will cost 50 lei for both directions.

Please register your supporter obligatory, to be sure that he will have a booked seat. The tickets should be paid before the trip, at the bus station.

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