Определились чемпионы Молдовы по настольному теннису среди мини-кадетов

Большим спортивным праздником ознаменовался завершившийся 26 и 27 октября в спортивном зале молдавского Госуниверситета на Малой Малине (Тестемицану, 6) очередной мини-кадетский чемпионат республики по настольному теннису

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Чай TESS согреет участников ночного забега Hell Run by Naturalis 2019

Торговая марка TESS приглашает на ночной забег Hell Run by Naturalis, который состоится в субботу 26 октября! Приходите в Ботанический сад всей семьей, начиная с 18:00, и попробуйте преодолеть самый «кошмарный» маршрут года!

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5 of Our Favorite Books for Triathletes This Summer

Take these reads to the beach, or use them to pass the time on the trainer.

Born To Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, And The Greatest Race The World Has Never Seen

Written by: Christopher McDougall

This classic chronicles author Christopher McDougall’s quest to discover the secrets behind the Tarahumara Indians’ legendary running prowess. What he discovered spawned a movement that inspired runners and non-athletes alike to embrace running. Born to Run is an adventure, a history lesson, and a tribute to running wrapped into one.

Best For: Extra motivation to hit the roads after an injury or break

Women Who Tri: A Reluctant Athlete’s Journey Into The Heart of America’s Newest Obsession

Written by: Alicia Difabio, PSY.D.

This memoir of minivan mom Alicia DiFabio’s transformation into triathlon enthusiast after moving to a tri-obsessed small town is both entertaining and inspirational. The lesson that she learned along the way—that something awesome awaits on the other side of fear—will inspire even the non-athletes among us.

Best For: Inspiring a reluctant friend to sign up for her first sprint tri

Fear No Distance: A Journey To Life Without Limits

Written by: Danielle Grabol

Fear No Distance chronicles author Dani Grabol’s journey from non-athlete to being the first female to complete Epic 5—a race that features five iron-distance triathlons in five days across the five islands of Hawaii. More than detailing physical, emotional, and logistical rigors of such a feat, Grabol’s can-do attitude will inspire readers to pursue their own big goals.

Best for: Reminding yourself you’re capable of more

Operation Ironman: One Man’s Four Month Journey From Hospital Bed to Ironman Triathlon

Written by: George Mahood

After back surgery, George Mahood motivated himself with an impossible challenge: hospital bed to Ironman in four months, just to see if he could. This book is a heartfelt and humorous account of the ups and downs of his prep.

Best For: Putting Things in perspective when training isn’t going well

Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, And The Greatest Race Ever Run

Written by: Matt Fitzgerald

Iron War is a riveting tale of the rivalry between Dave Scott and Mark Allen that came to a head at the 1989 Ironman World Championship. More than a sports story, author Matt Fitzgerald’s account of the greatest duel in sport and the two competitors’ desire to be the best will inspire even those only marginally interested in triathlon.